May Updates

May 31, 2022

The first month of Proselog just went by! I wasn't able to ship that much after the initial launch on 5/20, but do expect more to come in the coming month.

Editor Toolbar

Our markdown editor got a toolbar! Thanks to the contribution by @SASUKE40, you can use it to quickly insert some common markdown shortcuts.


Clicking the eye icon will also show a preview for you, so you no longer need to publish your post as a draft to preview it now!

The end goal is to make an Obsidian-like editor, so you can preview as you write.

API is Coming

I plan to expose a public API next month, I'll probably convert the current tRPC based API to GraphQL.

Ghost 5.0

On a side note, Ghost 5.0 looks amazing, new features include enhanced email newsletter and support for multiple paid subscription tiers, if you prefer self-hosting your blog or newsletter, do try it!